I love it when God points out one little aspect of scripture and it opens up, it unfolds before me. It changes the way I view what happened, how it happened, the implications of it, and how it leads to future events. He does that because I am thirsty for more of him. Because I want to know the deeper mysteries of the word. How about you?

We all know about the Hebrews, how they were wandering in the wilderness, how they murmured and complained over and over again.  This one particular day as they were parched and in need of a drink of water.  God told Moses to stand on the rock in Horeb and strike it. When he water began to run out of it. (Exodus 17″6)

Now in my mind for all of these years, I have imagined a small boulder of sorts, that Moses struck. I totally missed the part that said he was standing on it. I also never really gave thought to just how much water had to run out of that rock to quench the thirst of over two million people plus all of their livestock.

Where I come from in Pennsylvania there is a sluice pipe where the spring water runs out of during the summer. If you cup your hands, the small trickle will fill them up so you can get a taste and be refreshed.  In my mind, this is what I would see when I read the scripture. We reference things against what we know and have experienced.

When the Lord unfolded it this week, my perspective changed in a mighty way.

Moses hit that BIG boulder and water gushed like an open fire hydrant. Water flowed down amongst the people like a stream.

God washed their feet, he gave them water to drink in overflowing handfuls. It wasn’t a one-at-a-time deal like my sluice pipe.

The living water flowed that day out of the rock of ages. If they had only known what they were drinking in. If they had only known the ramifications that water, and that rock, would have for all eternity.

I will forever see water gushing and pouring over their feet when I read that scripture. God was a picture of alpha and omega that day as he stood a rock before them and a cloud behind them. He stood first and last.

God is absolutely amazing! He amazes me in the scriptures I read and he amazes me in my daily life.

Look around you because I promise he is there.

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