Marriage is a ministry

The Calling of a Wife

Do you think being a pastor or evangelist’s wife is a calling? A ministry? Did God strategically place you with your husband to fulfill his purpose?

I have heard women say, they know their position isn’t anything special. Not a calling or ministry. They are just blessed to call the pastor their husband.

The bible says, “the two shall become one flesh,” right? Genesis 2:24

If we are now one flesh, if God only sees us as one unit, then we must both be in ministry.

Our first ministry is always our family. Taking care of the man of God, encouraging him, giving him wise counsel, praying for him, with him, being the ear he safely speaks into, means God has placed you in a very important space.

Being the pastor’s wife puts us front and center. Every eye is upon us, every ear is in tune with us. Some for good and some for evil. You know it’s true!

We are looked to for assistance by our husband and the people of the church.

God trains us up to be tough and soft all at the same time. Soft so we are compassionate, caring, loving, to everyone who comes into the church. Yet, tough enough to endure and to stand up under the criticism, the rejection, the sharp tongues, and funny looks. It doesn’t mean we don’t have times when we absolutely crumble, but we always get back up. We always keep going.                                 

Why do we keep going? Because we love Jesus and we would do anything for him.

Today, remind yourself that God chose you to be the pastor’s wife of that church. He chose you to be married to that pastor. He chose you to help him raise godly children. He chose you!

There is no greater ministry a woman can take on than that of the pastor’s wife. It doesn’t mean we are perfect. It doesn’t mean we can do everything. It only means we are willing to put ourselves out there and to endure for a season or two or three or four. God has entrusted us with this great calling and we are up for the challenge.

For support from other wives please join us at I am the preacher’s wife on Facebook and Telegram.


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