Slamming Doors

We all know there are times to close doors and look for new doors to open. We know God will close a door and open a different one. We also know, sometimes, it is really hard to let go of the doorknob that is in your hand.

We get comfortable in the place we are at, even if it comes with complications and frustrations. Why? Because it is easier to stay where we are than it is to move into the unknown.

Have you ever tried to open a door that just won’t budge? You are pushing with all your might, you’ve got your back up against it, and still nothing. No matter what you do, that door will not open. Then a stranger comes along. They see your dilemma and they ask if they can help you. You gladly accept their assistance and step back from the door so they can reach the handle. They gently pull the door open and you walk through it. Chagrined, but happy to be in.



The same is true with spiritual doors. You can push on a door all day long but it isn’t going to open if God has closed it.

When God closes a door, it’s like those heavy metal emergency doors when they slam shut, the sound echos and reverberates as it carries down the long deserted hallway, it’s deafening. It has a resounding effect and you know it is closed.

Then he opens a door and it pulls open with the same ease the stranger used to assist you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we simply knew when to pull or when to push or when to walk away?

Truth be told, there are times God has to slam the door to get our attention. He has tried to nudge us to move. He has tried to send someone our way to encourage us to grow, to step, to believe. Yet we stay put.

Today, consider where you are. Are you growing where you are? Are you happy where you are? Have you felt, even once, like God was saying it’s time for a change? We don’t go by feelings, we need to be led but there are times when we are miserable because God is trying to make us uncomfortable enough to move on our own.

Doors don’t always get shut because we are unwilling or comfortable or lazy. He will close them quickly for our benefit. He will close them quickly to protect us. Don’t be discouraged if a door has been closed. There is another one getting ready to open.

Quick story…my daughter accepted a job that was truly not ideal for her but she was wanting to work. She quit the same day she started and felt horrible. She was absolutely miserable within 3 hours of starting.  Fast forward 2 weeks. She applied for another job, got an interview, she starts in a week. It’s a better job, better hours, better working conditions, using skills she has, in a small business environment.  If she had stayed at the first job, trying to push her way through a door not intended for her, she would have missed this job.

Pray for the right door, at the right time and remember make sure it doesn’t say pull when you are pushing with all of your might.

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