It’s funny how one little word can bring two very different thoughts into your head. When you read the word retreat what was your first thought?

Did you think of a place where you could have solitude? A place to rest and find peace? A place where you are pampered and everything is about you?

Or did you picture yourself quietly backing away? Running to get away from the enemy or the possibility of harm?

Did you sigh the word retreat or did you yell it in your head? To be honest, when it first popped into my head I was yelling it and then it was like this sigh came over me and I was like, Oh yeah, retreat.

As a wife, I think we identify with the yelling first and then the pampering if we can get that far.  Why is that?

We need to RETREAT less and retreat more.



Probably because we rarely pamper ourselves. We are always working to provide, to help, to care, to fill, the needs of everyone else around us. Yet we long to get away, don’t we? Do you remember the old Calgon commercials? A hot, steamy bath filled with Calgon bubbles was what every woman on the planet longed for!

We need to RETREAT less and retreat more. If we spent less energy trying to make safe getaways we would have more time to relax.

If we could learn how to masterfully extract ourselves, without running to the hills, we wouldn’t be so tired and worn out.

As a parent, one of the things you try to teach your children and remind yourself of, at the same time, is to pick your battles. Not every battle is worth fighting. Not every battle is worth winning. In fact, not every battle is a battle. There are times when we are overwhelmed or tired and we simply react. It was a molehill but in our present state of mind, it became a mountain.

Why argue with your teenager over a room you can’t stand to look at? Shut the door. Where they are going and who they are going to be with and what time they will be home on Saturday night is a must. Pick your battle.

The same is true when it comes to the members of your church. There are some battles that aren’t worth losing your salvation over. You know what I mean. There are other battles though that are worth speaking up about and being heard. When people speak negative words about your husband, your children, and even yourself it is time to interject and to stand up.

Retreat when the battle doesn’t make any difference. It’s Easter and the ladies decorated the fellowship hall in red and pink, does it matter? Not really, thank them for their hard work, and remember, next time discuss the color theme for an upcoming event.  Bro. Joe fixed the broken pipe in the bathroom and left a mess your husband found Sunday morning before church. Clean it up the best you can and be thankful Bro Joe came out Saturday evening to fix the issue. A plumber would have cost a fortune.

It’s not that the little things aren’t an inconvenience or won’t be talked about for a while. They are simply the issues we can retreat from. They are the moments that aren’t worth losing sleep or pulling hair over. They are not battles we lost, but rather retreats that kept us from insulting the person or persons who helped us and were a blessing.

Never bite the hand of the person who helped, blessed, or worked.

Pick your battles, RETREAT, or retreat.  You decide which it will be.



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