Off The Bubble

Have you ever missed the mark?
Did it ruin your whole day? Week? Year?
When you live in an RV, we affectionately call it “The bus”, bubbles are important. We have 2 little levels attached to our kitchen cabinet. They tell us if we are level front to back and side to side.
Have you ever tried to sleep with your head below your feet? Even if it’s only a minute amount, I just can’t do it.

Sometimes in life, our bubbles just don’t fall smack dab in the middle of what is level or fair.


Image by Ana_J from Pixabay

Schedules don’t stay perfectly on track, dinners are late, deadlines get missed and we feel as though life is leaning too far left.
Does that mean we are doomed? Does it mean we can never get back to feeling level?
No. Thank you, Jesus!
On the bus, there are air bags underneath the carriage that help cushion the bumps and provide a smoother ride.  All of that air has to be released once we stop and are ready to set up camp. Then the jacks are put down and the leveling begins.
Over time if we start to feel like the bus is leaning, which it can do after sitting in one place for a couple of days or a month, it can be easily corrected by readjusting the jacks. It only takes a minute or two. You just have to stop and do it.
It’s just like life.  Sometimes all we need to readjust ourselves is a good night’s sleep or a little quiet time.
We don’t have to live in a state of tilt or be perpetually off the bubble.
You don’t have to beat yourself up for missing the bubble either.
Just don’t stay skewed for so long that it becomes your new normal. That leads to depression, backsliding, marital issues, and so on.
Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and remember God’s mercies are new every morning.
Line up your bubbles, it’s time for a fresh start. Ready? Let’s go!
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