Let Me Cause The Ripple

How many days do we feel small and insignificant?

How many times do we wonder if we are making a difference or if anyone notices our hard work?

Are we making a difference? Or are we just raising children, cooking dinner, and being looked at like the spackling used to fill nail holes and small wall cracks?

I was talking to Jesus the other day. I love talking to him. He doesn’t have to say anything, yet somehow, he still directs my thoughts and my words to a place where I gain great understanding.

Somewhere, in the midst of talking, I had a revelation. I don’t need to speak to a stadium full of people to make an impact. I don’t need a room full of women even.  Yet, I can affect and touch people, women far beyond my reach, and so can you.

How? By causing a ripple.

When you toss a small pebble into the water it causes a ripple, which causes another and another. That little pebble had no idea how far out his small action would reach or how much of the water it would affect.

Here is an example in my life. I wrote the Think On This devotional/bible study series.  While in North Carolina last year we were in the middle of revival when the church held a public event. We attended and I began talking to two of the women there.  I shared and encouraged them. We also laughed and had a great time together.

Here’s the ripple effect…I spoke to the women. In turn, one of the women started an online group and holds a weekly bible study. Guess what she is teaching from? Yep, my book. Now, she has created a ripple, and every time they share the lesson she teaches guess what happens? Another ripple is formed. And so on, and so on, and so on.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Even she wasn’t using my book, I still would have started a ripple by showing myself friendly and making time to talk and encourage her.

I may never know until I get to heaven how many ripples I have caused or how far out the ripples have reached. I will never know in this life how many people my words, my songs, my testimony have helped or affected.

I just want to cause the ripple. I just want to be the little pebble who takes the plunge.

People are constantly watching you. You know that’s true. lol

You will never know how many ripples you cause by those every day seemingly mundane moments. When they see you juggling 3 kids in church or watch as you lovingly smooth your husband’s collar or hear about you making time to help another family in the church or how you took dinner to someone or showed kindness to a stranger. Maybe you teach Sunday School. It can be tiring and trying and yet you are causing ripples in those little lives with every story, every craft, every act of love.

You are a ripple maker. You are making a difference and God sees how far the ripples are reaching.

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