Hi! My name is Amy, and I am the Preacher’s wife. For 16 years now, from the day I said, “I Do”, that has been my identity. From being the Associate Pastor’s wife to the Pastor’s wife, to the Evangelist’s wife, when you wrap it all up in a neat little bow, I am the Preacher’s wife.

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From the day I said ” I Do”

My question today is what exactly does it mean to be the Preacher’s wife?

There are no clear definitions of what my function is in the bible. Nothing that sets this office, if you will, apart from any other woman in the church.

Yet somehow, concepts have been formed about the many talents and abilities a wife should embody. Leaving many a wife to feel insignificant, unqualified, and severely lacking.

When a man is interviewed as a prospective pastor, no one interviews his wife. Yet, they are often seen as a 2 for 1 package.

I saw a cartoon recently where the husband was reading a letter. It said, “You have all the qualifications we are looking for. Unfortunately, your wife doesn’t play the piano. Thank you for applying”.

Where does it say that a great wife has to play the piano or be computer literate or a whiz-bang Sunday School teacher?     Who made up those rules?

A great wife knows how to show compassion. A great wife is submissive to her husband. A great wife shares her husband in the middle of the night and on holidays, without a great fuss. A great wife shoulders the burdens her husband carries and knows how to comfort him when the load gets heavy.

Every wife is different. Every woman in the world possesses different gifts and talents. If the Pastor’s wife contained them all, how would any other woman in the church be called upon to serve?

Remember, we are one body. Not everybody can be an eye or a heart. We need hands and feet. We need bowels and gallbladders too.

Hadn’t ever thought of it like that before had you?

In Acts 18, at the beginning of the chapter, we find a great example of a husband and wife team. Aquila and Priscilla, tentmakers who Paul met and abode with.

They worked together; they were partners. A great pastor has an equally great wife who works with him.

Don’t fret if you can’t do it all. No one is a perfect Proverbs 31 woman. We all have our shortcomings, and we all have areas where we excel. Be who God created you to be and let someone else use their gifts, talents, and abilities for other things.

In 2021, my prayer is you will own who you are. How do I do that Amy? Write it down. Make a list. Do you like to cook? Write it down. Do you love to do crafts? Write it down.

When you have finished writing down the things you love to do and are passionate about you will catch a glimpse of who you are.

You may fill in other areas from time to time, but they are not your areas of ministry to

Just a little plain talkin’


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