There was a day when Jacob moved his entire family to Egypt to escape the famine. Moving his family meant all of Israel went, every tribe. In those days Israel had the favor of Pharoah; because Joseph held the favor of all of Egypt.

Time changes everything though. A new Pharoah takes the throne. A Pharoah who doesn’t know who Joseph was or how he caused every family to survive the famine or how he prospered the Pharoah of his time.

This new Pharoah only sees the multitude of Hebrews before his eyes. He only sees them as a potential threat. His mind runs rampant with “what if” thoughts. What if the Hebrews should side with another enemy? What if the Hebrews should decide they need more land? He imagined threat upon threat that didn’t exist.

He chose to do unto the Hebrews before they could do unto him. He burdened them with tasks. He created rules and laws for them to follow. He put people, taskmasters, over them. He simply invaded and took over, no questions asked.

The Hebrews were numerous, they had cattle and flocks. They were totally self-sufficient and didn’t require anything from Egypt. Yet, it doesn’t say they put up a fight. It doesn’t say they questioned why or tried to reason with Pharoah. They simply went along.  Even to the point of throwing their male newborns off the cliff and into the sea. I can’t imagine doing that.                         

America has been a type of Goshen. It’s been a land of plenty. It’s been a land of hope and dreams. Most of all, it has been a land of freedom.

We have a generation now though that for the most part doesn’t know Jesus.

We have other generations that grew up in church and have walked away and forsaken all they knew and promised.

We see this in the willingness of women to kill their babies even at the moment of birth. We see this in the way people embrace lifestyles and identities that are contrary to the word of God. We see this in the changes some denominations are making in marriages and their requirements for pastoral staff. We see it in the closing of churches in a time when we should have been assembling and calling out to God. When we should have been humbling ourselves and praying. When we should have been laying hands on the sick instead of standing 6 feet apart.

We can look around and we can see how people have followed the voice of those who have no knowledge for themselves and yet advise what is right and what is wrong. People are influenced every day by social media, media, Hollywood, politicians, family, and friends, while totally disregarding the word of God.

The people of Goshen listened to the wrong voices. Today people are listening to the wrong voices. Just like the people of Goshen we too are being enslaved, overcome, and somehow still thinking we are free and making our own choices. The bible says people are sleeping and yet society calls themself “woke”. The wolves are hiding in plain sight today, so beware.


Cover image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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