Perfection by definition is “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” (Oxford languages dictionary)

If we look to the bible we find perfect means nothing lacking, complete, finished.

Each day of creation was perfection. There was nothing lacking when God finished a day and called it good. Jesus was perfect. His death was the perfect price for our redemption. Every promise of God is perfect for the imperfections of our life.

To expect perfection in our lives or the life of those around us is folly.

We all have our flaws, our shortcomings. We all have areas we are working on, areas where we are striving to be more like Jesus.

When I was a new Christian, I would listen to guest singers and evangelists. They would testify and tell how God moved for them. The way they told it, it seemed to me like they were perfect saints. Like they trusted God and never had a moment of doubt or unbelief. They prayed and God moved instantly for them.

These days, my husband and I are the guests. We travel, we minister, we testify. One thing I have learned…we are by no means perfect.

We have moments of anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, doubt, fear. They may not last long but we are still subject to them. The more mature you become in Christ the quicker you seem to work through these emotions…most of the time.

God knows that not one of us is perfect. He isn’t looking for perfection. Perfection is not a requirement to be used by God. Can you shout Hallelujah right there?

We often forget the flaws of people like Moses, David, Noah, and Peter. We only remember the awesome things they accomplished. We think of them as being perfect but they were far from it.

Flaws are inevitable, but as we work to hone our attitudes, our tongue, and our faith God is pleased. He sees our efforts and those efforts equate to our love for him.

Don’t celebrate your flaws, but don’t despise them either. Flaws keep us humble, flaws keep us in prayer, and in church. The flaws we exhibit today will be the testimonies of our tomorrow.

Perfection is achieved in death at the time God has appointed. When we reach our mansion all will be perfect forever.





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