Mrs Claus

Compared To Claus

Does your mind ever wander down little bunny trails? Mine does. Sometimes it takes me on strange little adventures and oh, the conclusions I come up with.

Today I’m going to share one of those thoughts with you.

Being that it is almost Christmas and I have been shopping and wrapping think it not strange that I have felt like Santa Claus.

Don’t stop reading! I know the whole reason for the season is Jesus. Yet we all talk to our children about Santa and use him, or we did at one time, as a deterrent for good behavior.

My thoughts actually strayed to Mrs. Claus.

Think about her for a moment…

If she were truly at the North Pole with a workshop full of elves and a barn full of reindeer what would her life be like?

I think she would be very much like a pastor’s wife! (I warned you my mind runs down bunny trails.)

Who would Mrs. Claus talk to?  Surely she wouldn’t be included in elf outings and celebrations.

Do you think the elves would consider how she felt or think to care for her?Mrs Claus

Would she be baking cookies and making cocoa for everyone’s breaks?

Would she be darning socks for Santa and the elves?

Organizing and planning a festive dinner for Christmas day?

Is she fielding calls for her husband? Is he called out in the night to care for sick reindeer or broken conveyer belts leaving her home alone?

I wonder if she would feel isolated? Let’s face it, there is no other woman like her. Who would she talk to?

Would she be hiding behind her smile, bearing the brunt of caring for her husband when he is frustrated and hurt?

Would she be filling in when an elf was sick and someone had to paint the wheels or stuff the dolls?

There is a little bit of Mrs. Claus in each of us. We love to spread joy, we love to give, but it would seem there is also a little bit of us in Mrs. Claus.

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