Becoming A Diamond

I don’t think there is anyone who will be sorry to see 2020 end. Can you already hear people singing Auld Lang Syne?

I’m puzzled though.

Will something magical happen at midnight on December 31st? Something that will change the whole trajectory of life from 2020 to life in 2021?

It isn’t magical, but something can change. Do you know what it is?

Us. That’s what can change. You and I. We can change.

Adversity is what changes igneous rocks, molten rock material, into costly diamonds. Sorry, they don’t come from coal. 

Neither do diamonds look beautiful straight out of the mine. They are large crystals in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They have to be cut and polished.  They have to go through a process.

One process to be created. Another process to be hewed into shape. Another process to be polished.

If diamonds could think, I bet they would sound like Christians. What am I supposed to be, am I ever going to get to a point where I am useable? I keep getting older and older and I still don’t know where I belong?

Diamonds aren’t created overnight and neither are well-prepared Christians or wives.  They aren’t created in beautiful surroundings. They aren’t pampered or handled with care in the process. There is a timing to get things exactly the way they are meant to be.

Cakes have to bake for approximately 30 minutes or the whole center will cave in. Water has to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit to boil. Leave a perm on your hair too long and OH the consequences. Don’t leave it on long enough and all that work is for naught. Timing is everything!

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth, as a matter of fact, 90 miles below the surface or more. They are formed under extreme pressure and heat, caused by underground volcanic eruptions. Temperatures of  2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes the carbon atoms to crystallize.

Are you getting the picture?

Living in 2020 could literally make you or break you. It has had the ability to change you from a rock to a diamond.

How have you fared from the adversity and pressure?

Have you been able to stand the heat?

Have you been pressed or have you been crushed?

Are you moving into 2021 as a pile of molten rubble? Buried and hidden away?

Do you see 2021 finding you as a diamond in the rough? Have you been unearthed? Are you full of potential, uncut, and waiting to be polished?

Or did 2020 cut and polish you? Has it forced you to use resources of talents and abilities you haven’t used in a while? Will people be amazed at the beauty of who you are and what you have become?

Are you emerging in 2021 as a beautiful diamond that gleams from every angle? Someone people will take notice of? Full of purpose and with a mission in hand?

Beauty goes beyond skin deep in the wife who emerges as a diamond. It is the beauty hidden in the depths of your personality, your mind, your compassion, your logistical, and cognitive reasoning. It’s how you bring all of these things together to shine.

We are all diamonds. We are all in different phases of our journey. Don’t fret if you aren’t at the end stage yet. Timing is everything!

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