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Is there anything harder in this life than to forgive when you have been deeply wounded? We’ve all been there. We have all suffered the pain of a friend or family member’s betrayal. Yet, Jesus made it clear we have to forgive so we can be forgiven. Unforgiveness eats us up from the inside out. […]



Perfection by definition is “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” (Oxford languages dictionary) If we look to the bible we find perfect means nothing lacking, complete, finished. Each day of creation was perfection. There was nothing lacking when God finished a day and […]



I love it when God points out one little aspect of scripture and it opens up, it unfolds before me. It changes the way I view what happened, how it happened, the implications of it, and how it leads to future events. He does that because I am thirsty for more of him. Because I […]


Goshen Today

There was a day when Jacob moved his entire family to Egypt to escape the famine. Moving his family meant all of Israel went, every tribe. In those days Israel had the favor of Pharoah; because Joseph held the favor of all of Egypt. Time changes everything though. A new Pharoah takes the throne. A […]


Slamming Doors

We all know there are times to close doors and look for new doors to open. We know God will close a door and open a different one. We also know, sometimes, it is really hard to let go of the doorknob that is in your hand. We get comfortable in the place we are […]

The Calling of a Wife

Do you think being a pastor or evangelist’s wife is a calling? A ministry? Did God strategically place you with your husband to fulfill his purpose? I have heard women say, they know their position isn’t anything special. Not a calling or ministry. They are just blessed to call the pastor their husband. The bible […]

Let Me Cause The Ripple

How many days do we feel small and insignificant? How many times do we wonder if we are making a difference or if anyone notices our hard work? Are we making a difference? Or are we just raising children, cooking dinner, and being looked at like the spackling used to fill nail holes and small […]