Sometimes we think only huge acts of faith count when it comes to God. But is that really what he is looking for?

We were all given a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3) I have no idea how much faith that is, but it has to be at least a mustard seeds worth, don’t you think?

I have known people to lose faith. So, maybe we start with a cup’s worth of faith, eight whole ounces! That is a LOT compared to a mustard seed worth. Yet, all I need to get God’s attention is a seed’s worth.

Perhaps as long as I don’t lose all hope, I don’t allow all of my faith to fade away, to dry up and blow off into the night, perhaps as long as I can hold on to that little grain of faith I can still reach God with my cry.

We look at the little seed with disdain because we ought to have way more faith than that. After all, we are the pastor’s wife. We are on the field evangelizing, we are the one other people are looking to for prayer and to build up their faith.  So how can we be down to a little seed of faith for ourselves?          Mustard plants

We forget what that little seed can become. We forget how mighty it can be when it grows and matures into a full-blown plant!

If we will tend to our little seed of faith. If we will water it and place it in the sunshine. If we will root out all of the weeds and give it room and time to grow. It’s going to produce a harvest! It’s going to be bountiful and we are going to have more than enough. We are going to have enough to share with everyone that asks of us.

Every person who has ever prayed has felt like their prayers were not being heard. Felt like they couldn’t move past the ceiling. Yet, there is this little seed and the plant is pushing with all of its might to get past the shell and press upward through the dirt to where the fresh air is.

That is your faith pushing on, pushing beyond where it was expected to reach. Pushing into places and realms, pushing back enemies, pushing away illnesses and speaking life into dead places and things.

As long as you are still speaking faith, your faith is not dead. It might be a little dormant. Just keep pushing, believe for the little things and watch God move in them. Those little things are going to grow your faith into a large blooming plant.

Without faith it is impossible to please God and we are God pleasers.